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First cleaning run | Ecovacs Premium series

Now that you’re connected, it’s time to do your very first clean.  It’s super simple, but there are a few tips and tricks that will help your robot create a perfect map the first time.

Fully charged

It is best to have a fully charged robot for your first clean, particularly if your house isn’t small.

Vacuum, not mop

Leave the mopping attachment off while you complete your first mapping run.  Your robot will avoid carpets and rugs with the mop attached and it’s important it can explore everywhere while it builds its map.

Start from the charger

To save your floor-plan, your robot needs to start from its charger.

Note: your robot will always finish its clean from where it started, so it won’t attempt to return home if it doesn’t start there!

Remove troublesome items

Pick up any small items from the floor, particularly clothes or USB cables and phone chargers.

In future you can experiment to see what will cause issues, but it’s best to give the robot every chance to complete its first run without interference.

Enter smart cleaning

Now, simply enter smart cleaning mode and hit the blue “go” button at the bottom centre of the screen.  We want the robot to be in auto-mode while it completes the floor-plan.

Let it do its thing

You will see your robomate begin to build its map in the app. Ideally you want to leave it complete the map with as little inteference as possible.  

  • If your home is large, your robot may need to return to base to recharge before finishing the house.  If it does this, leave it to recharge and wait for it to resume on its own – stopping or starting it again will cause it to re-do the whole house.
  • This is all “best case” advice… it’s meant to be fun, so relax and enjoy it. If you don’t get a perfect map on the first lap, it will adjust next time.
  • Your robomate may not do it exactly how you expect. Remember, particularly on his first few runs it is still exploring and learning the house.  If it appears to miss part of a room before moving to the next, it is likely to return and get that spot later.
  • If your robot has an auto-empty station, it may need help emptying the dust-bin for the first 2-3 cleans.  This is because the robot normally picks up dust that your old vacuum wasn’t getting and will quickly over-fill and continue to compact the dust into the dust-bin.  This is normal and it should empty itself comfortably after it has settled in.
Lachlan Murray

Lachlan Murray

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