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How to change the cutting angle – Mammotion Luba app

By default, the Luba robot mower will automatically cut the grass in the most efficient angle for each area.

However, it’s possible to adjust the mowing angle… this has a few advantages:

  • A very even cut across all areas,
  • Ensures the grass isn’t flattened, increasing grass health,
  • An epic patterned effect that can be customised to your desires!

Select mow

Then tap your finger on any of the mowing areas to bring up the area selection screen.

Alternately you can click the “jobs” button.

Choose the areas to mow

Note, if you want multiple different angles you will have to select them separately. 

Click save when done.

Select path configuration

Select the path configuration button to bring up more options.

Scroll the top options to "Customize"

When you’re on customize, you will have the option to change many different settings.  Look for “cutting route angle”.

Adjust the angle slider

This slider adjusts the mowing angle based off the default setting for the area.  Use +/- 90 degrees for a right angle mow.

Confirm when done.

Preview the mowing run

Click preview to see the planned route.

Check the route

It may take up to 1 min to load.  

Press the back arrow in top left when done.

Simply press start to begin your mow!

Or if you aren’t happy with the angle, you can repeat steps 4-7 until you find the angle you like.

Bonus tips: you can use this same process while setting up schedules.  It looks great if you set different angles for each area on an alternating schedule!

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