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Luba 2 Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Luba 2 use the same parts as the Luba 1? 

Yes, all the consumable components are compatible between models.

What is the main advantage of the Luba 2 over the Luba 1?

The Luba 2 has a 3D-Vision and RTK GPS Fusion system for navigation. The addition of the 3D camera is to eliminate any GPS dead zones i.e. thick tree canopy. Additionally, it is also designed to significantly improve obstacle detection and avoidance.

Should I be concerned about the camera on the Luba 2 and my privacy?

No, rest assured the camera is used ONLY for navigation purposes. There is an option to watch real time footage from the mower but this is only accessible by the account owner.

Will the Mammotion App differ between models?

Not much has changed, there will be some additional features for Luba 2 owners like a lawn printing feature and real-time monitoring.

We know about the camera! What other changes have been made on the Luba 2?

The RTK has received a visual update with better range and solar compatibility. The solar panel is sold as an optional extra. Also, lawn artistry is available for the owners that want to go to the next level of neighbourhood lawn competitions. The Luba 2 has the option to install your own Airtag for tracking in the unfortunate event of theft. It also has 4G Sim compatibility for improved connectivity.

How do I know if the Luba 1 or Luba 2 is best for me?

Take a look at your section. Is it a large open area with not much tree coverage? The Luba 1 is for you. Do you have lots of obstacles that potentially obstruct GPS navigation? i.e. a grass area between a shed and a tall hedge/fence. The Luba 2 is probably going to be better suited. Overall they are very similar mowers in terms of performance, the Luba 2 just has some very targeted features to benefit specific properties. You can always give us a call for advice if you’re not sure.

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