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First cleaning run | Ecovacs Deebot U2

Now that you’re connected, it’s time to do your very first clean.  It’s super simple, but there are a few tips and tricks that will help your robomate settle into its new home.

Fully charged

It is best to have a fully charged robot for your first clean, particularly if your house isn’t small.

Vacuum, not mop

Leave the mopping attachment off while you learn how your robot works.  It’s a lot simpler to understand and you’ll have to create barriers or shut doors to help it avoid mopping on carpet.

Start from the charger

Your robot will always finish its clean from where it started, so it won’t attempt to return home if it doesn’t start there!

Remove troublesome items

Pick up any small items from the floor, particularly clothes or USB cables and phone chargers.

In future you can experiment to see what will cause issues, but it’s best to pick up small items, clothes and USB/phone chargers.

Enter smart cleaning

Now, simply enter smart cleaning mode and hit the blue “go” button at the bottom centre of the screen.  

Let it do its thing

Watch and enjoy as your floors are cleaned. 

  • You can shut doors to any room to stop it getting there.
  • To use the mop, you will want to ensure that the robot can’t get onto any carpet or rugs.  A couple of tricks to help include: rolling up the rug, shutting doors, or purchasing magnetic barrier tape that the robot won’t cross.
  • Remember that your robomate may not navigate exactly how you expect. Let it do its thing a few times!
Lachlan Murray

Lachlan Murray

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