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The ultimate robot mower for large, steep, lifestyle properties.

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New Release

The perfect Kiwi robot mower

We’ve been waiting for 5 years, but we’ve finally found the perfect robot mower for Kiwi lifestyle properties.

The Mammotion Luba features…

  • AWD for exceptional traction on steep, slippery conditions.
  • Dual cutting decks for double the cutting power on tough grasses.
  • Wireless technology – can set-up complicated properties in a fraction of the time.
  • Smart mapping with similar features to robot vacuums (no-go zones, zone mapping etc).

With service that knocks your socks off.

30 days to play

Don't love it? Send it back for a full refund.

Local Support

The Kiwi robot experts. No more international call centres.

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In-Home Support

We can even come to you if you ever need it.*

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All our robots come with Robomate's local tech support.

With service that knocks your socks off.

30 days to play

Don't love it? Send it back for a full refund.

Local Support

Kiwi robot experts. No more international call centres.

Buy now, pay later

Get up to 18 months interest-free on Q Card or GEM Visa.


Latest reviews
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Just wanted to give a shout out to the guys at Robomate Auckland, they are awesome!i had a problem with my Luba a few weeks ago, i contacted the service department, they went through some checks with me, and then said they needed to see the Luba 5000 in the workshop.less than 3 days later, they had the machine fixed and ready for pick up.they ended up changing the right side motor / rotorall under warranty, and with great turn around glad to have that kind of service.Alex standfield
very helpful with all the way through owning my vacuum. sent it in for a service and they went over and above expectations. Will definitely buy through them again
The team are absolutely awesome, came out to my property and helped me with some user errors I was having. Spent time to guide me through how to get the best out of my mower. It’s going better than ever has since their visit. Very impressed
Marty the mower is the hardest worker
The team are absolutely awesome, came out to my property and helped me with some user errors I was having. Spent time to guide me through how to get the best out of my mower. It’s going better than it ever has since their visit. Very impressed
I bought a Luba 5000. Love the product and also the great service from the Robomate guys. The unit actually turned up with a broken rear axle (freight damage), the Robomate team were great to deal with and it’s been running great now for a couple of months. Highly recommended!
Robomate’s service was exceptional during our Luba mower purchase. I really appreciated Robomate’s detailed videos that made install and setup easy.The Luba has been a quiet, efficient marvel, mowing at night without disturbing anyone. Four months in, we’re impressed with its discreet clipping disposal and overall performance. The app could be smoother, but it’s a minor point. We’re very happy with our Luba and Robomate’s excellent service.
Response from the owner: I’m so glad to hear you’re loving your Robomate mower! Thanks for the review!
Amazing service, amazing product! Thanks team
Response from the owner: Thanks so much for the review Kent!
Im surprised I haven’t written a review as yet. I was one of the first to get my Mammotion Luba. The video review that was done was very impressive . But it was the phone calls to Lachlan to find out more that really sold me on the Mower. The team at Robomate have been nothing short of amazing, from customer service to product knowledge. Look forward to my next tech purchase from you guys!!!Thank you!
Response from the owner: Thanks so much for the review Axel! It’s awesome to hear that the team have looked after you – we’re always here should anything come up. 🙂
Love my Vacuum,Roborock S7 plus, “Marge”The Best Vacuum cleaner, its really value for moneyTop quality service, fast and friendly, nothing is a problem
Response from the owner: Thanks a lot for the review Kay! Glad to hear Marge is well loved!
We recently purchased a Luba 5000 lawnmower. It is a fantastic investment and we wouldn’t be without it. Our lawns look neat and tidy and it is a huge time saver.We are very impressed with the AWD capability on the steeper part of our lawns. It is no problem for the mower. The wireless GPS system makes it more versatile.Ian and Ryan were excellent to deal, very professional and we highly recommend the company and their product and service.
Response from the owner: Thanks so much! We’re glad to hear you’re loving the robot!!
Lachlan and the team at Robomate are excellent to deal with, they give brilliant service and put customer satisfaction first – a trusted supplier, I’d highly recommend.
Response from the owner: Thanks for the review Will!
Our Luba 5000 had a “near death” experience when a friend backed over him. Took him to the boys at Robomate and he was back in days. Thanks for the fast turnaround guys and a bit of extra tech support while I was there.Super impressed with the robotic mower. Better than I had expected.
Response from the owner: Thanks for the review Nick! Glad the team got it sorted for you quickly so you can get back to mowing!
I own a Luba 5000 robot lawnmower which sadly encountered a car while on the job and got a broken rear axle. You guys at Robomate were very responsive with comms, had the part in and turned the repair job around in a couple of days. The mower is back on the job, many thanks, really appreciate the prompt service!
Response from the owner: Thanks for the review Jeffrey! Glad the team were responsive in getting everything up and running!
Purchased a robot vacuum cleaner with peace of mind thanks to the game changing 30days returns policy
Response from the owner: Thanks for the review Boris!
Amazing mower and quality, easy to set up with the GPS function ( noBoundary wires required) our lawn looks have never looked so good!, the straight lines it mows makes for a professional finish, we couldn’t recommend this mower more highly, we are the envy of the neighbourhood 😆 definitely the best robot mower in the market!!
Robomate is an awesome business with Excellent Service & Very quick response times!
Best service I have experienced in a long time. Great product knowledge, great service, quick delivery… Great price too!
Mammotion Luba 5000 AWD RTK Robotic Lawnmower from RobomateReceived Luba last Thursday. Friday night I unpacked it, assembled the RTK and put it on the roof.I then applied a ceramic coating to Luba (Carpro C Quartz Sic, Same stuff I have on my Tesla, great UV protection and so easy to clean, safe on all types of plastic)Saturday morning put Luba in his dock and went through the binding, wifi connection and firmware update. All worked flawlessly.Then set my charging area and the drove Luba about 30 metres down my drive to my front lawn and mapped it, created a pathway back to the docking station and then asked it to mow.It worked , gain flawlessly.I then added the two lawns on the side of the road and created pathways between them and a pathway back to my main lawn.I changed the with of the tracking so my wheel marks would be the same and have got this nearly right.I sent Luba out the mow the 3 separate areas and you can see the results in the videos. 90 degree cross hatch, looks amazing40mm cut height.On Monday I sent luba out again and set a 45 degree offset, wow looked great as you can see. Luba never missed a beat and completed the areas perfectly.Tried to map a very thin area about 15m long by about 2m wide hard against my house under some young ribbon woods but Luba lost signal and couldn’t map it.Grass struggles to grow there so Im just going to put in a gravel path with some pavers, so no problem.I still have some small areas of lawn around the clothes line and vegetables garden that I am renovating and will map them once done.What an awesome mower, so easy too set up and makes and amazing job of the lawn.If you thinking, is this right for me?, talk to the Robomate team they have been amazing, great communication and very helpful.Cant recommend them highly enough.CheersMontry
Response from the owner: Hey Monty, love the super detailed review. I’m sure heaps of people will find this helpful! The lawn is looking great already, and will only continue to look better and better over the summer. Can’t wait to see how it looks by about January!I now have a can of Carpro Quartz on the shopping list. It’s going to be really useful, particularly in the first week or so before the mower eliminates all of the clippings.Your settings look great too. We’re still playing with different ones… it’s quite addicting trying out different patterns.All the best!
Great service. We purchased a Ecovacs N8 pro from robomate at a very fair price. After 18 months the unit developed a issue with a faulty sensor. Even though the vacuum was out of warranty robomate had ecovacs send out a brand new unit.Thanks Robomate.
Response from the owner: Appreciate the review Haydos!! (For anyone reading this, we can’t always do this although we’d love to – it’s on a case by case basis 🙂 ). We do our best to look after our robomates though!
We went there last weekend afternoon after we were stuck about what vacuum robot to get to suit our needs. The salesperson (I didn’t get his name unfortunately) patiently had a chat with us for 20 mins and showed us different options that perfectly suited our needs and budget, and showed us the apps as well. They really know their stuff. And also offer 30 day returns if you’re not satisfied with the robot, which I think no other stores do.
Response from the owner: Thanks a lot Horatiu! Hope you love your new robot.
Went above and beyond to help me decide on a robot mower
Response from the owner: Thanks so much Joel! Very excited to see the grass after a month with the Luba!
Amazing service! Quick delivery, good deals! I wish all online stores were like this one!I placed my order and in 24hs the item was delivered! Totally recommend this store 🙂
Response from the owner: Thanks so much Carolina! 🙂
Fantastic Service. Ryan Stevens was amazing in helping me find the right robot. Highly recommend.
Response from the owner: Thanks Greg. Ryan is pretty awesome! Glad to hear you’re happy with your experience.This is not Ryan replying, promise!
Fantastic service and great customer service. Very accommodating and easy to deal with.
Response from the owner: Thanks Pete! Appreciate the review!!
I purchased the roborock s6 maxv a while ago through there online store. They said they didn’t have any stock and could give me the roborock s7 (standard model) for the same price. I wanted all the fancy bells and whistles, object avoidance, dual camera, lidar etc which aren’t in the s7 so I said sorry no. The person hunted down probably the last s6 maxv in New Zealand and made me a very happy customer. I wouldn’t expect this to happen every time an item was basically out of stock. But it goes to show the amount of effort they put into ensuring there customers are happy, they communicate very well. The story gets even better, after 6 months, I finally put the box in the bin. And noticed a package taped to the side. There was some robomate socks. So due to my own stupidity, robomate managed to make me a happy customer 6 months later with no purchase. I will no doubt be a returning customer when I need to anything smart robot vacuum relatedSummary:-They will do their best to ensure you get the product that fits your needs.-Outstanding communication-Well informed with robot vacuums-Better customer service than big box retailers.-Free socks
Response from the owner: I recall the big search for the last S6 MaxV actually! Glad we were able to find one for you and that you’re loving it! Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a review Dean! Seriously, the kind words mean a lot! 🙂
Amazing customer service, thanks so much, Ian! We love our Roborock and can’t think how we ever lived without her. Yes, it is female, no doubt.
Response from the owner: We agree, Ian’s a legend! Thanks so much for the review. Fun fact – 90+% of robots are named male, so she’s a rare one! Glad to hear that she’s a loved addition to the family. Merry Christmas & happy new year!
Can’t recommend highly enough. Louisa was fantastic when it came to helping us choose our first robot vacuum. The rest of the team were great making sure we were notified asap when our order was in store ready to collect and making sure the process was as smooth as possible.
Response from the owner: Thanks so much Song! Always so rewarding to get feedback like this & we share it with the whole team. Merry Christmas and a happy new year! 🙂
Excellent customer service! Even though we had a few issues with our robot journey, everything was resolved quickly and will happily recommend to friends & family. Worth getting in touch if you’re not sure – they know their stuff!
Response from the owner: Wow, thanks so much! Somehow we missed replying to this review earlier 🙂 we really appreciate your feedback!
Awesome customer service, Louisa and Ian were brilliant, they are both friendly, personal and professional and no doubt passionate about their products.I picked up the Eufy X8Hybrid Robovac as a gift.Its an inspiration to see a progressive growing business look after their customers so well. I Highly Recommend this store for anyone looking for a great deal on a robovac, and outstanding customer satisfaction
Response from the owner: Thanks so much for the review Andrew! I hope the gift is much loved! Always here if you need help with anything.
Bought one of the latest roborocks, they were very helpful and informative on what to expect and helped send the parts separately. Even gave us 2 pairs of socks! You guys are great and have been recommending to everyone thanks again
Response from the owner: Thanks Jordan! Hope you’re loving the socks too!
The Newmarket store is full of friendly and knowledgeable staff. They assisted with finding the most suitable robot for my needs. Very pleased with the product and my overall experience.
Response from the owner: Thank you Eugene! Hope you’re loving your robot vacuum!
Always great service. Lachlan on Live chat or now as i will call him the robot doctor helped me stop “Dina the vacuum cleaner” going in circles when her got confused. Completely my fault i had forgot one of her sensors. Thanks Again
Response from the owner: Thank you so much Anna! Glad we could get Dina healthy and happy again for you 🙂
Spectacular service. Our first robot wasn’t working for us so they suggested a few tweaks. When the tweaks didn’t fix them problem, they very happily exchanged it for another model. Excellent communication throughout – so glad we bought from these guys.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for the review Kate! I’m glad to hear that you had a great experience!
There should be a 6 star rating just to accomodate Robomate. Honestly… competitive prices, second-to-none customer services, large variety of products and supporting a friendly local business Look no further!
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for the review!
It’s not often you get to deal with such wonderful people in business. Louisa, Ian and Lachlan were incredible to deal with, helpful and honest. I would recommend them to anyone!!
Response from the owner: Wow, thank you so much Alex! I hope the robot is going well for you!
so very helpful in sorting out my rogue robo vacuum – the service is a 10 out of 10 for me thanks guys
Absolutely awesome customer service, robot was dispatched & delivered in only a couple of days & my husband was rapt with the free sox!! These guys also credited back into my account $70 after robot came on special once it had already been delivered, much appreciated, thankyou!!
Response from the owner: Thanks so much for the review J! 🙂
Possibly the best customer service experience we have ever had. We first called the store a week or so before they were even open but Lockland was still happy to help us, spending almost an hour with us. The online chat service was also very responsive and helpful.Highly recommend if looking to buy a robovac!
Response from the owner: Thank you so much! It was a pleasure meeting you too! Come say hi now that the store is open – we’d love to see you again. 🙂
Just the best customer service. Ian responded to my query on a Sunday, then phoned me when I had more questions, and even price matched! Great advice and service, Sparky our cleaner is up and running. Thank you!
Best service EVER! Listen to this:I bought a Roborock S7 about a month ago for a very reasonable (and competitive) price (I love it by the way…cleans my floors when I’m watching TV). Ten days AFTER I received the item, Robomate dropped the price of the item over 200 bucks in order to match a competitors price. When I emailed them about this sudden price change, they actually refunded me the 200 bucks…AFTER I’D ALREADY BOUGHT IT! I mean, come on, that’s pretty unheard customer service. You don’t see this kind of behaviour in businesses much these days. I needed to let people know that it’s still out there. Good on ya Robomate!
Response from the owner: Awesome, thank you so much for the feedback Cameron! We do our best!
Awesome experience to shop with.On time delivery. AAA+ Support services..Highly recommended
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for the review Sudhakar! Appreciate it. 🙂
Bought ECOVACS T9 from them. Received very professional service from Lachlan. All questions explained in detail. Great experience and recommended to all.
Response from the owner: Thanks so much for taking the time to leave us a review Leon. We really appreciate it!
LOVE my Roborock S7 maxv,the carpet looks so good and the tiles have never looked so clean.The best part is being able to send her off to do a spot clean wherever and whenever I want.Best birthday present ever to myself!
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for the review Kirsty! Happy birthday to you… a bit late.
Excellent after sales service when my T9+ got an alternative personality. It was a faulty laser thingy and I got a replacement with no hassle – great service
Seriously the best customer service ever!!
Amazing customer service since first contact. I’ve been using and recommending it to all my friends, who are happy too!I had a small technical problem, and they were so prompt and friendly in resolving the problem with the warranty. Really recommend.
Amazing customer service since first contact. I’ve been using and recommending it to all my friends, who are happy too!
I had a small technical problem, and they were so prompt and friendly in resolving the problem with the warranty. Really recommend.
Outstanding customer service provided by Lachlan and the team.The original robot we purchased was not suitable for all of the husky hair on our carpet so Lachlan arranged for the return of the robot and sent a different model for us to try out the same day.The roomba S9+ that we finally settled on does an amazing job of picking up all of the husky hair.The return process was super easy and enabled us to find the perfect vacuum. They also offer competitive pricing with the bigger retailers but are significantly easier to deal with.
Response from the owner: Thanks so much Jillian! I think you were the first person to try the other vacuum on husky hair so we learnt something off you too! So glad to hear the S9 is doing well for you now. 🙂
I can’t recommend these guys enough. Excellent service, quick delivery, the communication was great and the after-sale service was awesome. If you’re looking to purchase a robot vacuum, you can’t go wrong with Robomate.
Response from the owner: Thanks so much for the review Chris! Good choice on the robot too… 😎
Awesome products and customer service, every question I had was answered quickly. My robot vacuum has saved me from my least favourite chore – it’s so smart and my floors have never been cleaner.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for the review Erin! Glad to hear the robot has been going well for you! 🙂
Decided the S7+ was best option for our home, the map & vacuum function clinched the deal. Lousia & Lachlan were amazing to deal with, from the intial enquiry, to finalising the WiFi setup, highly recommend Robomate and definately recommend the Roborock S7 Plus….it evens self empties!!
Response from the owner: Thanks much for the review Mike! Glad to hear you love it.
I am normally a big fan of an alterntive supplier when it comes to techy stuff and been super loyal for yeard, but after dealing with Robomate on 2 diffferent occasions before the purchase, i have to say these guys are amazing, informative, knows what they are doing and more importantly Super Helpful! So now i am going with themEdit: the roborock s7 plus and the team here is so great i just bought another as birthday gift for mum!
Response from the owner: We’re so happy that you’ve enjoyed your experience so far Cy! Thanks for the feedback!
10 out of 5 stars!! Have had amazing amazing service from Robomate, from selecting the product to setting it up etc. But the true test of good service is when things don’t go well. The robot vacuum we bought had some issues and we decided to return it. Loisa from Robomate made the return process effortless and the refund came through as soon as they received the product!! I genuinely can’t remember the last time I had such a wonderful retail service experience and would HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND this kiwi business!!!
100% recommend these guys, super quick to respond and very quick on the shipping
Response from the owner: Thanks for the review Corey, appreciate it!
We have the Deebot T9+ and it is amazing! The machine vacuums and mops and saves us a huge amount of time each week. The Deebot is very quiet which allows us to work from home with minimal distraction. The Deebot T9+ is very effective with cleaning the floor and picks up cat hair really well.
We highly recommend Robomate NZ, they are amazing to deal with and blow their competitors out of the water with their amazing service.
In a nutshell – Fantastic product and a fantastic team to deal with. You will not be disappointed.
Great people to work with – parts arrived promptly with a little surprise in box! “Kate” (Neato D5) is a must for any busy household!! Thanks Robomate !!
My D5 (Douglas) is fantastic! I can’t tell you how much I love not vaccuuming in the conventional way. Imagine doing the laundry and vaccuuming at the same time! Or just sitting on the couch and watching your robot go by – all you do is lift your feet. Lachlan in Auckland has gone completely above and beyond my expectations in offering guidance, help and after-sales support. I have no hesitation in recommending the D5 to anyone. You won’t believe how much it picks up – even pet hair. And it’s not hard to use – very little technology knowledge required to use the app or it can be used manually just by pressing the start button on the D5. The best birthday present I ever bought myself! You too will give it a name, video it going up and down your floor, then invite your friends over to watch it. Now if it could just make tea as well…….
Omg I loveeeee this machine. I won a robot mate vacuum cleaner a month ago and it’s honestly amazing.
The amount of dust and dog hairs it picks up even when I think my carpet is clean is incredible.
If I hadn’t of Won it and saw how much it picks up I would 100% buy one.
Can’t recommend enough . Thankyou again
Love my D5 so far!. Does a fantastic job.
Excellent technology and great contests, impeccable customer service. Aaron Social Media Influencer