Your Robomates.

Ambrogio – Industrial grade robots

Ambrogio have been making the world’s best automatic lawn-mowers for 18 years.  Once installed, you can rely on your Robomate to maintain a perfect lawn 365 days a year, with almost no human intervention.  The electric, brushless motors are environmentally friendly and almost silent, and all components are carefully selected to ensure minimal maintenance is required.

Is mowing really your hobby?

Fred loves cutting grass.  Every Friday he counts down the hours until he can go home and try to start the lawnmower.  There’s nothing quite like a plume of smoke and the whine of 4-stroke to really make you feel alive, he reckons.  Today Fred is extra excited; he hasn’t been able to cut the grass for 3 weeks now because of the rain so he’s going to work up a proper sweat and may even find that gumboot he lost 2 months ago.

Technically Superior

Your Robomate is fully independent and will look after your lawn for you.  She’s smarter and more user-friendly than others of her species, and with more efficient programming and a more powerful motor she operates less, has a longer life and can comfortably manage 200m² – 30,000m².  She is extremely agile and operates on slopes up to 55% and by maintaining a consistent length your grass will self-fertilise and stay greener.