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Why Kiwis love robomate

Service you'd give to Your Best mate.

Kristina & Simon, Orakei
Kristina & Simon, Orakei
Madi, Auckland
Madi, Auckland
Stephen, Whanganui
Stephen, Whanganui

Fiona, Hamilton

"We are absolutely loving our robo, "Jeeves" as he's better known as. It's just like magic, set him off at night and hey abracadabra first thing in the morning it's clean. Couldn't live without Jeeves!"

"Neato has NOT missed one spot yet for us. It is an impressive unit that is hassle free, easy to use and has freed up so much time from our staff having to tidy up the key areas within our practice. Highly recommended for everyday use!"

Yasmin, MD at NorthPoint Medical Centre, Albany

"I have a long haired cat that sheds copious amounts of hair and the Neato picks it up effortlessly. No more pulling out the normal vacuum almost every day. It has mapped out a floor plan and I have set up a cleaning schedule which pops up with a notification when it is starting. Would definitely recommend.”
"“Rosie” found her way around our house and we found what I thought was a clean house was a little embarrassing how much she managed to find, so much more dust. Our house is quite big so we bought “Freddie” to join the family."
"Kudos to the developers of the hardware and software for creating this clever and awesome technology. Robbie is doing a great job!"
Acoustix Hearing Technologies

Most people say their robot cleans better than they would.

"I absolutely love the job it does. I’m more excited about this purchase than my new car! Not having to vacuum is heaven. I did an hour and a half’s gardening while my house got cleaned last week. Can you invent one to dust please!"
Pt Chevalier
"Robomate exists to make tech (which can seem a bit tricky sometimes) easy for every Kiwi. Think of us as your guide, ready to help you through every step of the journey."
Founder of Robomate