Est. 2005 in Silicon Valley, USA
Acquired by Vorwerk of Germany in 2017

Meet Neato

Over 1 Million Hours of Development.

15 years of engineering excellence to build

The Ultimate Cleaning Machine
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A Stanford University Invention.

Neato’s goal in 2005 was to build a 

Total Vacuum Replacement

which is why it was the first to have serious suction and a D-shape.

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Most people say I clean better than they do.

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A Powerful Brush.

On many vacuums, the brush is air-flow driven but

My Brush Powers Through Thick Carpet

and cleans deeper, picking up more hair and dust.

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Better Aerodynamics.

Instead of sucking dirt all the way up a pipe

My Powerful Suction is on the Ground

putting debris directly into my large dust-bin.

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Using similar LiDAR navigation to self-driving cars.
Works perfect on dark carpet, and no cameras in your home.

Cleans in the Dark

Brought to you by a Kiwi company.