Setting up “Virtual no-go lines”

This guide assumes you have your Neato robot up-to-date and connected to the Neato app.  If you can’t see any of the options below in your app ensure that the robot is up to date. Guide here.

Important note: no-go lines will only work if the robot is started from the Neato app, and won’t work if the robot is started from the physical button.  Also, you will need to start the robot from the base.  If you have multiple levels, it is necessary to have a base for each level that you need no-go lines on.

Virtual no-go lines are good for making your home 100% robot friendly, and can be used for a number of reasons including:

  • Avoiding furniture that causes issues or where the robot occasionally gets stuck.
  • Avoiding valuable furniture or musical instruments that may eventually get scratched.
  • Stopping the robot from going outside if there is no step.
  • Avoiding difficult shag pile rugs.
  • Avoiding the pets water bowl.
  • Blocking off wet areas such as showers without a step.
  1. Launch the Neato App and tap the “Tri-Bar” symbol in the left upper corner.
  2. Select the “MY FLOOR PLAN” option.
  3. Tap the “GET STARTED” button
  4. Select your personal preference on the “GETTING STARTED” screen and tap on “START CLEANING”.

  1. When the cleaning completes, you’ll be notified that the robot has created your new floor plan.
  2. Give the new floor plan a name and save.
  3. Tap the “ADD NO-GO LINE” icon and draw your boundary line directly on the map.


  1. Continue tapping the “ADD NO-GO LINE” button to create multiple boundary lines.
  2. When finished setting your boundaries, tap the “Save” icon to store your floor plan with “Virtual No-Go Lines” added.

NOTE: When drawing the No-Go lines, be sure to draw well beyond the area where you want to prevent the robot from entering. In the image below, the bottom left lines is drawn properly and the two right lines are not drawn properly.


  1. A confirmation prompt will appear, letting you know that “No-Go” lines have been saved.


  1. Once saved, your new floor plan with “Virtual No-Go Lines” will become your default map, your robot will not cross over No-Go Lines when initiating a cleaning from the Neato App or at Scheduled cleaning times.