My robot keeps disconnecting from WiFi!

If your Neato Robot is continually dropping from your home Wi-Fi network it may be an indicator that your Wi-Fi router is not broadcasting a strong enough Wi-Fi signal to all areas of your home. This article will walk you through some things to try to improve Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home and reduce the likelihood your robot will disconnect from your Wi-Fi network.

NOTE: If the following does not help improve your connection performance, please contact customer care and consider running a network scan prior to creating a support ticket. For additional details, please see the following:

STEP 1:  Wi-Fi router placement matters!

If you can move your Wi-Fi router to a centrally located position in your home that will help ensure coverage across the whole house, we recommend you do this first if feasible.  A well-positioned Wi-Fi router resolves robot disconnection issues in most cases.

STEP 2: Find the dead zones!

Grab a Wi-Fi capable Smartphone or Tablet, open the Wi-Fi settings on your device and scan for available networks.  As your device is scanning for networks you will see the signal strength of all nearby networks.  Walk around your cleaning space and ensure you have solid Wi-Fi coverage.  If you notice a drop in Wi-Fi strength in an area of your home that may be susceptible to disconnections from the Neato Robot.

NOTE: You may need to toggle your smartphone or tablet Wi-Fi on/off to test different areas of your home if the Wi-Fi signal does not appear to be refreshing as you move about.  

STEP 3: Investigate!

Move your robot to the area you experienced dropped or low Wi-Fi signal and attempt to force a Wi-Fi Connection to your home network.

    1. Restart the App. Truly exit it, not just background it.  Once closed reopen it.
    2. Restart the Robot by pressing and holding the Start button on the top of the robot to power it off.  Wait for the lights to turn off completely.
    3. Press the Start button once more to turn the robot back on.  Once robot has turned back on, you will hear a musical chime from the robot and the INFO LED (Or Wi-Fi Icon for the D7) will illuminate and it should attempt to reconnect to your home network and Neato Servers.

    4. Verify that no router settings were changed, and router was not rebooted since setting up the robot with Easy Connect.