How do I create a floor plan?

Creating a floor-plan is necessary if you want to create no-go lines, zones (D7 only) or improve the navigational accuracy of your robot.

To create a floor plan, please be sure that the Neato App is installed on your selected device, then follow the next steps:

1.  Launch the Neato App and tap the “Tri-Bar” symbol in the left upper corner.


2.  Select the “MY FLOOR PLAN” option.


3.  Tap the “GET STARTED” button

4.  After you’ve followed the instructions on the “GETTING STARTED” screen and tap on each of the objects then tap “START CLEANING”.

5.  When the cleaning completes, you’ll be notified that the robot has created your new floor plan.

6.  Go to the main page on the app and you will be able to tap the New Floor Plan Available.

7.  On the Save My Floor Plan, click Yes to save the floor plan and name it and to save the floor plan.