Cleaning the Neato brush

To clean the brush, follow these steps:

  1. Turn your robot upside down. Pull off the side brush if there is one – it’s magnetic, simply pull it straight off.
  2. Face the robot towards you, with the square side closest to you.
  3. Place your fingers under the brush guard in front of the wheels, pull up gently under the brush guard pops out. Remove the brush guard.
  4. Lift up on the brush gently to pull it out of the brush housing.
    NOTE FOR XV Robots: Lift up on the brush and gently take it out, sliding the end with the belt out and away from the belt.
  5. Remove any debris from the brush (use a Neato Cleaning Tool if you have one). Wipe the brush blades and brush core with a slightly damp cloth to remove dust.
  6. Remove the orange end cap and clean any hair and debris off the end post of the brush and inside the rubber end cap.  Replace the end cap making sure the bearing is inside the end cap and lines up with the post of the brush.
  7. Remove any hair/fiber debris that has gathered around the end of the brush or in the end cap.  Align the notch on the orange disk cap with the notch on the black end cap and snap the orange disk back into place on the end of the brush.
  8. Re-insert the brush into the robot by fitting the end with the hexagon shape to the hexagon bolt. Make sure that the brush is secure in the robot. NOTE 
  9. Replace the brush guard and click it into place to make sure it is locked. Re-attach the side brush if available.

For optimal performance, replace the brush periodically, or if the blades or bristles are damaged.