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Robot says “offline”

The Neato app says my robot vacuum is offline! If your Neato app says that your robot is OFFLINE, check the following: Check the charge base by removing the plug on the back and [...]

Network scan for WiFi strength

How to scan your WiFi network strength When Should I Run a Network Scan? When you're unable to connect your robot and standard troubleshooting fails, we're here to hep! The following explains how to [...]

Connecting to WiFi (& troubleshooting)

Connecting your Neato to WiFi This guide assumes you already have the Neato app installed, have an account and are trying to reconnect or troubleshoot the WiFi connection.  If this is your first time set-up, we suggest you [...]

Setting up your robot

Setting up your Neato robot Welcome to the Robomate family! Before we get started, there are a few things it's important to know: We're here to support you should you ever need it. To some people, robots [...]