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Navigation & Mapping.

Creating a floor plan

How do I create a floor plan? Creating a floor-plan is necessary if you want to create no-go lines, zones (D7 only) or improve the navigational accuracy of your robot. To create a floor plan, please [...]

Robot not returning to base

My robot isn't returning to charge on his own! 1. Ensure base location is correct.  Place the charge base against a wall near an electrical outlet. The robot needs approximately three feet of open space in [...]

No-Go lines

Setting up "Virtual no-go lines" This guide assumes you have your Neato robot up-to-date and connected to the Neato app.  If you can't see any of the options below in your app ensure that the robot is up [...]

Robot keeps disconnecting from WiFi

My robot keeps disconnecting from WiFi! If your Neato Robot is continually dropping from your home Wi-Fi network it may be an indicator that your Wi-Fi router is not broadcasting a strong enough Wi-Fi [...]