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Caring for your mate.

Updating your robomate

Update your robot. It's important to keep the software up-to-date on your Neato robot to have the best performance.  When new, your robot may need updating to access all features. 1. Place your robot on [...]

Emptying the dustbin

Emptying the Neato dirt bin 1. Remove the dirt bin from the top of the robot. 2. Remove the filter from the dirt bin (we recommend you do this over a rubbish bin to avoid spilling dust/dirt [...]

Cleaning the side-brush

Cleaning the Neato brush To clean the brush, follow these steps: Turn your robot upside down. Pull off the side brush if there is one - it's magnetic, simply pull it straight off. Face the robot towards [...]

Clean the LiDAR laser

How to clean the LiDAR laser It's essential to occasionally clean your robomate's LiDAR laser.  The LiDAR is his vision and when it becomes blocked he may start to miss spots or have trouble navigating. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6eIivbVDgio [...]

Clean the drop sensor

How do I clean the drop sensors? The drop sensors detect stairs and drops, so it's important that the drop sensors 'windows' are kept clean. Turn your vacuum upside down. Insert a cotton swab into the drop [...]