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Ecovacs T9+


The T9+ is the flagship of the Ecovacs range.  Including an auto-empty station, mopping, AI obstacle avoidance and even an air-freshener, it may be the highest spec robot on the market.  With an incredible 3,000pa of suction and an oscillating mop, its cleaning performance is impressive.

  • Best suited for most large multi-level homes
  • Cleans up to 275m²
  • Methodical and accurate navigation
  • 175 minute run-time
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    Ecovacs T9+


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    The T9+ is the flagship of the Ecovacs range.  Including an auto-empty station, mopping, AI obstacle avoidance and even an air-freshener, it may be the highest spec robot on the market.  With an incredible 3,000pa of suction and an oscillating mop, its cleaning performance is impressive.

  • Best suited for most large multi-level homes
  • Cleans up to 275m²
  • Methodical and accurate navigation
  • 175 minute run-time
  • Buy now, pay later. No fees.  Simply add to cart and select an option as your payment method at the checkout.

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    Best Features

    What makes this robot special?

    Ecovacs T9+
    Auto-empty station (included)
    Ecovacs T9+
    Artificial Intelligence: 3D object avoidance
    Ecovacs T9+
    Customisable cleaning
    Powerful vacuum and oscillating mop
    Ecovacs T9+
    Air-freshener (world first)
    Ecovacs T9+
    Perfect for pets

    Our Tests

    See for yourself how it handles our tough tests.

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    Ecovacs Deebot T9+ Review

    Our Tests

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    Ecovacs Deebot T9+ Review

    Navigation 93%
    Features 92%
    Ease of use 84%
    Mopping 96%

    We run every robot through objective tests in our lab so you can easily compare performance.

    Our View

    Unfiltered expert opinion

    "The T9+ represents a milestone in the robot vacuum world. Not only is it the first to have 3D mapping and an air-freshener, it has everything that reviewers raved about on the T8 AIVI… but they’ve also doubled the suction and reduced the price by $200 (at current New Zealand RRP).

    When something promises so much, the reality can often disappoint. In this case though, the T9+ lives up to the hype.

    This is a highly capable robot and can clean homes with multiple levels and up to 4-5 bedrooms. "

    Like reading? Read our full review

    The robot vacuum world is a dynamic and fast-moving place. Every day I receive emails from suppliers that tease upcoming products with new features and previously unimaginable suction ratings. Despite that, I have been eagerly anticipating the arrival of the T9+. You see, it includes every feature from all other flagships, and then a little more.

    Everyone agreed that its predecessor, the T8 AIVI, is an excellent robovac. By introducing a few new features, doubling the suction and significantly reducing the price, Ecovacs are making a big statement.

    I have been using the T9 around the office and at home. These are my thoughts.

    What we loved.

    We always start a review with navigation. It doesn’t matter how well it cleans if it doesn’t go everywhere, every time. Like many of the best navigating robots, the T9 also uses LiDAR, yet somehow it was a lot quicker around my home - 20% faster than other seemingly efficient robots. It is extremely methodical – it will clean the perimeter of the area before cleaning the centre in straight, parallel lines. It created its own accurate map on its first attempt.

    The auto-empty station is included with the T9+ (that’s what the + means). The auto-empty station sucks the contents from the robots dust-bin after each clean and it is powerful enough to clean most of the dust off the filter. Ecovacs claim that it holds up to 30 cleans, however this will obviously depend on how quickly your home gets dusty (or hair, fellow pet-owners).

    Unlike most hybrid vacuum/mops, the mopping pad on the T9 vibrates while cleaning. As a result, the mopping is significantly more effective, and it totally removed sticky messes after one pass that would typically take 2-3 attempts.

    The app is very simple and can be connected in a couple of minutes. However, once you get comfortable with the basic functions and look deeper, you’ll discover a lot of options to customise cleaning. I’m a messy chef (I use that word loosely), so I would schedule the kitchen to be cleaned twice every evening at 8.30pm, but I keep it away from the lounge and bedrooms and schedule those to be cleaned while I’m at work.

    It feels more solid than normal - something you get a sense for after using a lot of robots. All of the removable parts are self-explanatory. The dust-bin, brush, mopping pad and air-freshener are all easy to remove and click back into place without any fuss.

    The bluebell air-freshener scent was surprisingly nice. This is definitely a personal preference, but I normally really dislike artificial scents. It smells much more like a gentle perfume than one of those air-fresheners you would find in a car.

    The price. $1,399 is a huge statement. The T8 AIVI was already excellent value at ~$1,650 including the auto-empty station, but on the T9 they’ve managed to double the suction, include the auto-empty and introduce new features for $250 less.
    Things to consider.

    It has two side-brushes which can flick larger items around which is a problem in our tests when we ‘spill’ half a box of fruit loops. In real life the benefits outweigh the negatives though, as that same power makes it more effective at cleaning up to skirting-boards.

    Occasionally the artificial intelligence avoided objects that I wanted it to pick up. Again, the positives far out-weigh the negatives as you’d much prefer it to miss one thing and clean the other 99.99% of the house than get stuck on a cable in the first 3 minutes of cleaning. It wasn’t common enough to be a real consideration and it’s unlikely you’d ever notice it.

    If you have long-haired pets or people you will need to clear the main brush periodically. There is a little brush cleaning tool stored on the robot and the main brush can be removed in seconds.

    At this stage, there is still some manual set-up to add a 3D map. It’s a cool feature and I expect it will be updated in future to generate the 3D map automatically.
    Who should use this robot.

    After all the hype, the T9+ could easily disappoint. Yet somehow it manages to deliver on expectations and I found myself nit-picking to find negatives to share. It is an extremely accomplished robot vacuum in every regard. Pet-owners will particularly like the auto-empty, parents will love the obstacle avoidance, and everyone else will appreciate the convenience and that their floors are effortlessly clean.

    It is capable in multi-level homes of up to 4-5 bedrooms, but it is a serious choice for any discerning robot vacuum owner. It excels on carpet (3,000 pascals is a lot) and hard-floors (the mop is impressive), and it is easy to configure everything through the app.


    What to expect.

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    Customer love

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    How a LiDAR robovac works

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    How to connect

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    The Unboxing Experience


    What's in the box?


    Hover over any spec for more information.

    Tap on any spec for more info.

    This is an estimate to help you choose which robots to consider. The max cleaning area is more accurate if you know the size of your home.

    Up to approx. 3 to 4 bedrooms

    This is the maximum size home the robot can clean.  This will be affected if you have a lot of furniture or particularly deep-pile carpet.

    Max cleaning area 275 m²

    Self-mapping robots save a floor-plan of your home to allow you to add no-go lines and room-select (if available).  Some robots only support single-level homes (1 floor-plan), while others allow you to save multiple.

    Single & Multi-level homes

    This is the pressure of the suction.  This is a good indication of cleaning performance, however it isn't the whole picture.  Check out our test videos to see real-life cleaning.

    3000 Pa suction

    Some robots can automatically empty themselves into their base.  Most auto-empty stations hold 30 full cleans.

    Auto-empty station: Included

    A vacuum always needs a filter. It does not filter what is picked up, it filters out what escapes back into the room.  It is particularly important for people with allergies or respiratory concerns.

    High-efficiency is typically 99% of allergens down to 10μm, while a HEPA filter is 99.97% of allergens down to 0.3μm.

    High Efficiency Filters

    This is one of the most important specs for any robot as it is the main factor in how smart it is.

    Navigation: Ultra-accurate (LiDAR)

    Watch the navigation test video on this page to see how efficiently it maps a room!

    Methodical and accurate navigation

    Some robots have secondary navigation looking at the floor to help it avoid objects that may jam the vacuum.  These are typically 3D lasers or cameras with object recognition.

    Artificial Intelligence: Object Avoidance

    How long a full battery charge will last while cleaning. Typically tested on eco-mode on hard-floors.

    175 min. run-time

    The battery capacity in milliamp hours. 

    5200 mAh

    Lithium-Ion batteries are the best available.

    Lithium Ion battery

    Clean your home from anywhere at the press of a button!

    Note: most robots will run without connecting to a smart-phone, however many require an app to access all the features.

    Connects to your phone via an app

    "Hey Robomate, clean my home!"

    Some robots are smart-home compatible and can be voice controlled. 

    If this is a key purchasing factor for you, we suggest getting in touch prior to purchasing.

    Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home

    Schedule cleans to suit your schedule.  For example, schedule your robot to start at 8:30 every morning while you're dropping the kids off to school.

    Schedule cleans via the app

    No-go zones are virtual barriers.  They're normally very easy to set-up by drawing lines on the map your robot automatically creates on your smart-phone.  This is very useful if there are any unusually tricky spots in the house.

    No-Go Zones - tell the robot to avoid specific areas

    With room select, the robot will clean the selected area(s) and return home without trying to clean the rest of the house.  Traditionally robots will clean everywhere they can access, however some premium robot vacuums have the ability to schedule specific rooms.

    Room select - specify which rooms to clean

    All our robots will recharge automatically, however some will remember where they left off and resume cleaning if they didn't finish the job.

    Automatically recharge and resume

    Some robots can also do mopping.  In some cases this can affect vacuuming performance so watch our full review if this is important for you.

    Vacuum and Mopping

    Water capacity for mopping.  On most robot mops this will need to be refilled between cleans.

    180 ml water for mopping

    No mop zones let you tell the robot what is carpet and what is hard-floor.  Robot mops without this capability will require quite a lot of set-up to be effective.

    Virtual no mop zones to prevent mopping on carpet

    D-shaped robots can clean a lot more effectively close to walls than circle robots.

    Circle robots can navigate a lot more easily in tight spaces as they can rotate on the spot.


    This is the height of the robot.  It will clean under any furniture where it can fit!

    94 mm high

    The capacity of debris it will collect.  This is less important on auto-emptying robots.

    420 ml dust-bin

    Our promise to you

    Kiwi support

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    30 day returns

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    Free shipping

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    We simply care about our robots more. When you buy from Robomate you get a heap of extra benefits that you can't find anywhere else.

    Kiwis love their Robomates

    "We are absolutely loving our robo, "Jeeves" as he's better known as. It's just like magic, set him off at night and hey abracadabra first thing in the morning it's clean. Couldn't live without Jeeves!"
    "Kudos to the developers of the hardware and software for creating this clever and awesome technology. Robbie is doing a great job!"
    Acoustix Hearing Technologies
    "“Rosie” found her way around our house and we found what I thought was a clean house was a little embarrassing how much she managed to find, so much more dust. Our house is quite big so we bought “Freddie” to join the family."

    Keeping everyone safe | COVID19

    We are still shipping during lockdown.  Please read below for more information regarding safety and delays.

    Vacuum cleaners are classified as an essential service under the government guidelines.  Many robot-vacuum users have mobility issues and those with respiratory conditions rely heavily on them to maintain a healthy home.

    We’re doing everything we can in a contact-less environment to keep our team, customers, and community safe.

    • We are still shipping.  During level 4, delivery time-frames are less predictable so expect slight delays (North Island 3-4 days, South Island 5-7 days).
    • Our team is all working remotely.  One person is managing all product dispatches in a 100% contact-less environment.  There is no physical contact between any of our team members or couriers.
    • Courier pick-up and delivery is contact-less at both ends.  Please ensure you provide clear delivery instructions as you won’t be able to sign for delivery.  Please also notify us if your expected delivery doesn’t arrive so that we can follow up.
    • Our office is a COVID traced location (there are no visitors).

    Stay safe and be kind. :-) 

    Your Robomate team

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    Your happiness is guaranteed.

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    Fine print

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    • You must return the product in ‘as new’ condition with all items, including packaging.
    • Robot must be returned to Robomate within the 30 day period.  A 10 day grace period may be extended at our discretion.
    • This return offer is only valid once per customer, household, or address, unless approved prior in writing by us.
    • This offer is only valid for domestic use for ‘typical’ in-home cleaning.
    • Accessories are excluded from this offer and our standard returns policy applies.
    • You will need to repackage the robot as it was received, attach a courier label and ensure safe handover to the courier for return.
    • Damage to any part of the product may invalidate this return offer.
    • This offer is for genuine purchasers only, for the sole purpose of evaluating the performance of the robot.  You must be willing to attempt to resolve any issues prior to returning the product.
    • If you select any Finance or Pay Later provider as your payment method at the checkout, a 10% restocking fee may apply if choose to return the robot.


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