The Ultimate Cleaning Machine

“Neato’s smart robot vacuums seem so brainy it’s often scary, but the company’s latest flagship just might take the cake.”

CNET (world’s leading tech reviewers)

The ultimate convenience

Your robomate cleans better than most people. Discover a clean house at the touch of a button.

D-Shape with CornerClever™

The exclusive D-Shape and side brush will find dirt, no matter where it hides. Round robot vacuums cannot get as close to walls and can’t even go near corners!

Spinflow™ Power Clean

SpinFlow has ~20% more suction than most other premium robot vacuums; combined with precision brushes it will leave your floor immaculately clean. All this while being way quieter.

LaserSmart™ Mapping & Navigation

A similar technology to that used in self-driving cars, it will map your house with incredible precision. This allows a totally methodical clean in less time – even in the dark!

Maximum Hair Pick-Up

Whether it’s human hair or a furry friends, your robomate sucks more hair than most other premium robots. This makes for a much healthier home, reducing allergens and other dust.

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Pet hair gets everywhere, but so does your robomate.

Best robot vacuum for pet hair for 2020 – USA Today

Neato leads the way since 2005.

First Smart, Laser navigating robot vacuum

First D-shaped robot vacuum

First to announce WiFi connectivity and to connect with your phone.

First with smart-watch support.

First robot vacuum to support Amazon Echo/Alexa.

A Serious Cleaner

Many robot vacuums are gimmicks but Robomate researched for months to find the best. Neato is a serious cleaner that can suck up dust that’s been missed in carpet for years by a manual vacuum.

Virtual ‘No-Go’ Lines

Neato’s LiDAR mapping is so accurate you can draw lines on the map that the robot won’t cross. This can be used to avoid cables, pet bowls and anything necessary to ensure your robot doesn’t get stuck.

All Floor Surfaces

Neato excels on all common interior flooring, including carpet, wood, tiles and polished concrete. You may need to use no-go lines around thick shag rugs though.

Large Dust-Bin

Neato’s large 3 cup dust-bin is enough to do two full cleans of an average home. It’s specifically designed for shedding pets and even has a HEPA-style filter option to remove allergens.

Discover which mate’s right for you and start for free!

Neato was born in Silicon Valley, USA as part of a Stanford University tech competition.

They had a radical idea: to make a robot vacuum cleaner that cleans properly. 

In 2005 this was a futuristic goal.  It took Neato 5 years of development before they launched in 2010, transforming the robot vacuum industry overnight by introducing the first serious robot vacuum. Not only did it clean thoroughly, it used smart navigation instead of ‘bouncing’ randomly off furniture and walls and was also the first D-shaped robot that could clean up to walls and corners.

In 2017, Neato was bought by Vorwerk, a German multi-national.  They combine world leading Silicon Valley software with German engineering, ensuring they continue to lead the way in the 2020’s with a series of innovations.