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Neato is a deep cleaning robotic vacuum – something not many can claim.  Neato has 20% more suction than most premium robot vacs, is amazingly methodical and also gets 10x closer to corners than most competitor models.  That’s why online reviewers and informed purchasers choose Neato – and why we did!

Neato uses a LiDAR laser to navigate (as opposed to a camera) so can clean dark carpet – or even at night with the lights off.

It can normally be set-up in under 10 minutes.  We provide full instructions and support to anyone who needs it.

Yes, Neato will return to his base when he needs charge.  If he didn’t complete the house, he will recharge and then return to where he left off to finish cleaning.

Neato typically cleans ~1cm from walls. 

Neato has a full-width brush along the straight edge of the D-shape.  This means it can get up to 10x closer to the corners than other robots.  He will typically drive into the corner and reverse, reaching everything he possibly can.

The battery charge-life varies between models.  The D3 is 60 minutes, and the D5 90 minutes. Both will recharge and resume if necessary to complete the house.

The battery life-expectancy is approximately 2-6 years.  This varies hugely based on usage, which depends on personal preference as some houses will run Neato twice a day, otherwise once a week.

Rest assured though, Neato uses top-grade lithium ion batteries that are made to last. 

Neato comes with an app, allowing you remote control and more information than is otherwise accessible.  It is possible to use Neato without the app (some customers do) but it definitely helps to receive feedback from your robot so is only recommended on simple homes.

The dust bin capacity is 2.96-cups and can be emptied in less than a minute.

This varies between models: the D5 can do up to ~420m² and the D3 ~180m².

It’s very unlikely – there are many millions of pets who have adapted to life with robot vacuums out there.  Neato has no scent and doesn’t interact quite like an animal would, so not normally as interesting to pets as you may imagine.

Obviously this depends on many factors including: 

  • The size of your house
  • How frequently you clean it
  • Whether you have inside pets
  • etc 

Typically, with frequent use, Neato will clean an average sized house twice before it needs to be emptied.

Yes, Neato can be scheduled through the app very easily.

Yes, Neato has very strong suction and cleans deeply – often better than customers previous, traditional vacuum cleaner.

You can carry Neato upstairs, put him down and press play.  He will clean upstairs and return to where you pressed start.  Obviously he won’t be able to return to charge unless you have a separate charger upstairs.

Neato is way smarter than that! No, he won’t fall over drops that will hurt him.

Yes, this is actually frequently asked! I guess that’s up to your cat, isn’t it?

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