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Multi-level mapping | Ecovacs

Do you have multiple levels to create floor-plans for with your Ecovacs robot?  

If you have a small or basic level, you may find that you don’t need to create a separate floor-plan as the robot will likely clean perfectly well on auto mode.  However, to customise the cleaning and set up zones or virtual barriers, you will need to save a separate map for each level.

The whole mapping process can take a couple of hours to complete (depending on the size of your house) but if you follow these steps, you shouldn’t run into any difficulties!

Robomate - Enter smart cleaning

Enter smart cleaning.

Once you have connected your robot to the app, you can now start the “smart cleaning” process. Click on the large blue button to enter the app. 

Check the app settings.

To streamline the mapping process, go into the app settings and turn on “Advanced Mode” and “Continuous Cleaning”. 

Create your first map.

To build the first map, simply press play. The robot will leave the charging dock and begin to create it’s first map. 


The first mapping run.

Let the robot complete it’s mapping run uninterrupted. Try not to move things around the room or have people walking around the robot while it is building its map.  This is the most likely thing to cause issues.

Complete first mapping run.

Ensure that the robot completes the full area.  If your home is large, it may need to return to base, recharge, and then resume to finish the area.  

Save the first map.

Once the first mapping run is complete, the robot will return to base and if the cleaning is complete, the app will prompt you to name the first map. 

First map created and saved.

Once the first map is saved you can begin to customise it by naming areas, setting virtual barriers and cleaning routines.

Relocate the robot and charging dock to the next floor.

After you’ve saved the first map unplug the charging dock and take your robot to the next floor. When on the new floor, you then place the robot on the charging dock, plug it in and open up the app.

Press the start button.

Repeat the first process and begin an auto cleaning.

Detecting the second floor.

The app will show that the robot recognises it has been moved and is locating the new position.

Creating the second map.

Once you press start, the robot will automatically begin to build the second map. Again, make sure the robot can complete the mapping run uninterrupted. Minimise movement in the room when it is completing mapping.  

Complete second map.

Once the second floor has been mapped completely, the robot will give you the option to name and save the map to your phone. 

Name and save the second map.

The map will then be completed. 

View all saved maps.

Inside the smart cleaning screen, if you click o the “Edit Map” button (bottom left), you can then see each map you have saved on your phone. 

Move the robot between each floor.

You can simply move the robot between each floor and it will automatically recognise what floor it is on and begin its clean. 

  • Never attempt to do mapping with the mop attached.
  • Try switching the robot on/off between mapping each different level.  There is a red power button underneath the dust-bin cover.
  • If, after attempting a mapping run, your map says “Delete Incomplete Map”, it is likely that the robot has been interrupted in some way during the cycle.  During a typical clean, the robot is less sensitive however whilst mapping it is best to leave it alone.  Consider whether any people or pets may have disrupted it, or whether it may have got stuck at some point.
  • If your robot isn’t recognising and loading the correct floor-plan, look around the start location to see if there are any items that may move frequently (chairs, curtains, doors, shoes etc).
  • If you have a large home, select minimum suction power on mapping runs.
  • Are there any spots without WiFi coverage?  This may be causing issues while the robot saves its floor-plan.


11 Responses

  1. Thanks for the info. I still one question, after creating the different maps do you need to move the dock every time you clean a level? Does the dock have to be on the same level or map as the robot when cleaning?

    1. No, it’s just while you’re creating the map otherwise the robot won’t save it 🙂 It works best if you start subsequent cleans from an area that doesn’t change much though.

  2. I have only 1 floor in my home. But frequently my deebot n8+ detects to be in a new environment. Even when I select a mapped area to be cleaned, it will think it’s in a new environment and starts remapping. This is very annoying and I couldn’t find any option to override the floor.

  3. Hi, I have a new Bot and need to map a second level. My Bot is not recognising a new environment. I have moved the base unit, plugged it in, removed the mopping pads and plates as suggested, plus I have turned it off and on again.

    When I open the app it is not initiating a new mapping procedure. Pls help.


  4. Such a helpful article. Successfully mapped two floors. However when I move to the downstairs level it just keeps detecting a new environment and wants to create a new map. Any tips?

  5. Hi my N8 is not splitting the maps for the different levels it just keeps over writing the previous floor which is frustrating as every time I change floor I have to map

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