We are starting the friendly robot revolution.

The world’s first robot subscription

25% of vacuums sold globally are robotic, yet less than 1% of kiwis are enlightened. It may seem like it’s just about affordability, but it’s way more than that.

It says we love them, and that we know you will too.  A subscription is only possible if it exceeds your expectations, and not only now, but reliably over multiple years.  We spent over a year researching and testing to find the best product. It was all worth it because in Neato (of USA/Germany) we’ve found a mate we truly love.

An easy decision

If you’ve tried the best robot, you would never choose to vacuum by hand. Making the move to your first robot can seem daunting though. That’s why we’ve researched to find the best robot for you, and only ask for simple, informed decisions you can comfortably make online.

Everyone needs one

We know our Robomate’s are so good that everyone could benefit from one. Our subscription aims to make a premium product accessible to as many people as possible, because everyone deserves a healthier home.

We're 100%
Family owned.Kiwi owned.About the best tech. Here to support you.
“We love our robomates and we’re on a mission to introduce them to Kiwis.

Kiwis pride ourselves on being progressive. We love innovation and ingenuity, yet for some reason we are years behind parts of the world who have realised modern robots are a no-brainer.

The Robomate team has over 50 years experience sourcing tech products and we spent over a year reviewing different options to find one that is worthy to lead the friendly robot revolution.”

Lachlan Murray, Founder