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Terms & Conditions & Info

  • The Mini Firefighter is not a replacement for an industrial fire extinguisher. Be aware that that may be required by law in some circumstances.
  • Always call the Fire Department (111) in the case of a fire.
  • “Get out and stay out” is still the best practice in the case of a fire. The Mini Firefighter is intended to help extinguish small fires.
  • Do not attempt to fight a fire that you can’t stand 1 meter away from.
  • Read the safety instructions on the can upon receiving your Mini Firefighter. Don’t wait until you need to use it to read it.
  • While the solution is non-toxic, it is not intended for human consumption. Do not ingest. If you do ingest some or get it in your eye, contact a medical professional.
  • Fires “grow” very fast and can be unpredictable. Avoid undue risk, maintain a safe distance and use caution.
  • Always identify your escape route and contingency plan in a fire. 
  • Use of the Mini Firefighter is at the consumers own risk.  By purchasing this product, you accept this and agree to proceed with caution around fire.
  • This product should only be used by a responsible adult.
  • Always have a fire contingency plan.  This product may be part of it, but it does not replace an escape route.
  • This product is intended for domestic use. Commercial purchasers must consult a fire professional to understand their needs and obligations.

All other standard conditions of sale apply.