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Having trouble naming your Robovac?

As with any new addition to the family, it’s vital that you name your robomate. It also probably doesn’t surprise you to know that the most common name given to robot vacuums is Robbie.  On the contrary, it is slightly surprising to learn that over 90% of robot names are male.  We have some theories why that may be, but we’ll leave it to your imagination.

The process of choosing a name can feel like a mammoth task.  I mean it’s no big deal, but the future of your relationship with your new robomate is hanging on your shoulders.  

Naming your robomate also has its perks.  You can call it by name when using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant – just another way to integrate your new family member into the household chaos.  We’ve put together a few ideas that could help get the ball rolling…

Robovac Puns

  1. Optimus Grime
  2. Dustin Bieber
  3. Meryl Sweep
  4. Dust Butler
  5. The FurGobbler
  6. The Terminator
  7. Frank the Tank
  8. Clean Elizabeth the Second
  9. Robocop (or Robomop)
  10. Robot Downey Jr.
  11. Edgar Hoover
  12. George Washington
  13. Sirius Black
  14. Vac Efron
  15. Floora the Explora

Famous cleaners

  1. Monica
  2. Alfred
  3. Robbie
  4. Hercules
  5. Thor
  6. Grant
  7. Herbert
  8. Scruffy
  9. Rufus 
  10. Groot
  11. Morty
  12. Rosie 
  13. Russell 
  14. Mum 
  15. Karen

Between butler puns, famous robot names, cleaning puns, celebrities and classic dog names – there really is no limit as to where you can go with this vital task of naming. 

If you have a name that simply must make this list – get in touch and we can make some amendments to the above!

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