About Lachlan Murray

Founder of Robomate.

Updating your robomate

Update your robot. It's important to keep the software up-to-date on your Neato robot to have the best performance.  When new, your robot may need updating to access all features. 1. Place your robot on [...]

Connecting to WiFi (& troubleshooting)

Connecting your Neato to WiFi This guide assumes you already have the Neato app installed, have an account and are trying to reconnect or troubleshoot the WiFi connection.  If this is your first time set-up, we suggest you [...]

Robot not returning to base

My robot isn't returning to charge on his own! 1. Ensure base location is correct.  Place the charge base against a wall near an electrical outlet. The robot needs approximately three feet of open space in [...]

Creating a floor plan

How do I create a floor plan? Creating a floor-plan is necessary if you want to create no-go lines, zones (D7 only) or improve the navigational accuracy of your robot. To create a floor plan, please [...]

Setting up your robot

Setting up your Neato robot Welcome to the Robomate family! Before we get started, there are a few things it's important to know: We're here to support you should you ever need it. To some people, robots [...]

Robot performs surgery

Robot performs surgery That's pretty cool in itself but robots have been assisting surgery for almost 20 years now.  What is new: the human surgeons in charge of the operation were over 30 kilometres away. As a [...]